We designed Red Kite to be a quick and easy way to understand how to pay for college. It’s all here on our site, all in one place: Scholarships, Grants, Fellowships, Federal aid, State aid, Education and Parent loans.

It wasn’t long ago that we were in high school or college with no idea how we were going to pay for college. We didn’t have a clue. Worse, we didn’t even know we didn’t have a clue!

We figured there had to be a better way than searching mutiple sites for different scholarships, other sites for grants, a third for federal aid, a fourth for education loans—you get the picture. Try entering the word “scholarship” into a search engine; the result: 11 million hits. Here’s my favorite: search for “money for college.” The result is 455 million hits. Looking for money for college was incredibly inefficient.

So we designed Red Kite to be a quick and easy “one-stop-shop” for understanding how to pay for college. It’s all here on our site, in one place. Choose colleges, review costs of attendance, get matched with scholarships, grants, fellowships, federal and state aid, education and parent loans.

We’re also really proud of our “Matching Engine.” That’s the fancy name that the math geniuses on our team use for our matching service. The more questions you answer the better the financial aid matches.

Finally, we wanted to provide one place where students and parents could review college costs, financial aid, the gap and clearly track progress. We created an easy-to-use dashboard (like a gaming console display) that keeps track of all of your financial aid apps.

We think Red Kite can help millions of students go to college. Let us know what you think!